Muay Thai Camp Enrollment

Keep your kids productive in the during Winter Break! All levels welcome (kids 5-14 years old)! Sitan Gym will offer 1 week with 3 classes/day Muaythai Camp.
You will be allowed to custom pick the days you want to participate.

  • Enroll per day at $55/day
  • Enroll 5 days for a total of $230
  • You may choose the specific dates you want to enroll in the registration link below
  • If your child doesn’t have a membership with us please kindly fill out our waiver online. This will automatically create an account for them. Then you can enroll them for camp under their account.

Each Class will be be curriculum based. Course will include, 3 training sessions/day, Daily muaythai theory (advance students), snack time, lunch time, games, arts and crafts. This is considered to be a Muaythai intensive.

Please be sure that your children bring the following:

– 1 Snack
– 1 Lunch
– Training apparel (no jeans)
– Running Shoes
– Muaythai Shorts (if you have it)
– Muay Thai Training Equipment (gloves, shin guards, hand wraps) We have loaner gear is needed
– Extra hydration (water bottle, gatorade, juice) We have a functioning water fountain

8:00am is an early Drop off. You must let us know via email ( sitangymaz@gmail.com ) 48hrs prior to drop off to be able to drop off at 8:00am. There is a $30 fee for early Drop-off.

If we have the unlikely medical emergency, please have your phone available at all times. 3:30pm is the pick up time. There will be a late pick up fee for anyone who shows up after 4:00pm for pick-up.

Please email Thiago at sitangymaz@gmail.com with any questions or special requirements you may have.