Muay Thai Camp Enrollment

Keep your kids productive in the during Winter Break! All levels welcome (kids 5-14 years old)! Sitan Gym will offer 1 week with 3 classes/day Muaythai Camp.
You will be allowed to custom pick the days you want to participate.

Each Class will be be curriculum based. Course will include, 3 training sessions/day, Daily muaythai theory (advance students), snack time, lunch time, games, arts and crafts. This is considered to be a Muaythai intensive.

Please be sure that your children bring the following:

– 1 Snack
– 1 Lunch
– Training apparel (no jeans)
– Running Shoes
– Muaythai Shorts (if you have it)
– Muay Thai Training Equipment (gloves, shin guards, hand wraps) We have loaner gear is needed
– Extra hydration (water bottle, gatorade, juice) We have a functioning water fountain

8:00am is an early Drop off. You must let us know via email ( sitangymaz@gmail.com ) 48hrs prior to drop off to be able to drop off at 8:00am. There is a $30 fee for early Drop-off.

If we have the unlikely medical emergency, please have your phone available at all times. 3:30pm is the pick up time. There will be a late pick up fee for anyone who shows up after 4:00pm for pick-up.

Please email Thiago at sitangymaz@gmail.com with any questions or special requirements you may have.