What an amazing weekend!  Sitan Gym AZ had 25 competitors in this past weekends highly anticipated USMTO West, each and every one of our fighters did phenomenal.  Listed below are the results for all fighters:

Ethan Rynish: 1 W – 1 L

Yves Tabarangao: 1 L

Chris Giron: 1 L

Jayden Villa: 1 L

Sam Hillis: 1 L

Ruben Navarrette: 1 W – Title Winner

Gabe Davis: 1 L

Arshiyam Kanwar: 1 W – Title Winner

Zayanala Muhammad: 1 L

German Davilla: 1 L

David Miqui : 3 W – Title Winner

Gabe Guerrero: 1 W – 1 L

MIke Ortiz: 2 W – 1 L

Tommy Atkins: 1 L

Varun Nair: 1 W – 1 L

Ricky Carrasco: 1 L

Klint Noel: 2 W – 1 L (pass due to injury)

Makenzie Jones: 1 W – Title Winner

Dhari Muhammad: 1 W – Title Winner

Thalia Davis: 1 L

Carina Tran: 1 L

Celicia Tran: 1 L

Maddy Geurkink: 1 L

Maria Hillis: 1 L

Kaitlin Stein: 1 L

All of us here at SItan Gym are so proud of these competitors, win or lose, they are all champions!  Thank you to all of the volunteers and a very special thank you to Sitan Gym NY for your help!  For more information about USMTO East, click here.