During the month of February, Sitan Gym AZ will be giving away a $100 gift card to the member with the most scans! That’s right-all you have to do is remember to scan your member card every time you take class. The person with the most visits registered at the end of the month will win a $100 gift card, valid for any gear at Sitan-shorts, gloves, mouth guards, you name it. So, the more classes you take, the more likely you are to win! ALL classes are fair game. This means that in a single day, you can take any combination of classes (e.g., two Muay Thai classes, one Muay Thai and one yoga class, etc.) all of this are great and you can look for the best fitness tips for each one so you can make your own routine. As long as you remember to scan your card at the beginning of each session, you’ll get credit for all of them. This is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with classes you haven’t tried yet. Whether it’s Muay Thai, Judo, Yoga, or Group Fitness, you’re sure to find something new that you’ll want to stick with. Good luck to everyone-we’ll see you in class!