On Friday September 22nd, from 5:30-8pm Timothy Bolen a former Pro-marathoner and Triathlete will be coming to Sitan Gym, to have you guys take a VO2 Max test. Learn valuable knowledge about your cardiovascular ability.

What is a VO2 Max test?

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.

Why should I take this test?

Accurate measurement of current fitness. Ability to design a more effective training program. Evaluation of effectiveness of training programs. Can will with weight loss and building cardiovascular fitness.

What should I expect?

The test involves either exercising on a treadmill or a bike at an intensity that increases every few minutes until exhaustion, and is designed to achieve a maximal effort. Should take no longer than 10 minutes.

How mush will this cost?

$75 (usually $150) and all the proceeds go to Timothy Bolen’s non-profit: 2gether We Live