After qualifying through the US Muay Thai Open, Travis Clay is headed to Thailand this August to represent the US at the most important Muay Thai tournament worldwide – the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur’s (IFMA) World Championships.

The opportunity to compete internationally represents a chance for Travis to turn two ambitious goals into reality. At a personal level, Travis seeks to get one step closer to his dream of becoming a professional fighter. On a larger scale, he’s fighting to improve the United States’ reputation in the Muay Thai community and, thereby, increase opportunities for all American nak muays.

Please consider supporting Travis’ travel expenses by clicking on the link below. All his funds will be coming from out of pocket, and any donation is proof that you stand behind Travis and his goals. This is a unique opportunity for him to live the experience he’s been training for, as well as make a difference in Muay Thai’s future. Any level of support is greatly appreciated!

Support Travis Clay at the 2015 IFMA World Championships