Sitan Gym will be hosting our annual New Years Day Spar Wars! This is a FREE Event. All are welcome to come out an participate. All levels are welcome as well. If you have never trained before we will get you up to speed on techniques and you can either do a modified light sparring or you can watch. There will also be a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for Brand New members ONLY!

We will start with warm up, then some shadow boxing, shield work, then we will do a modified sparring to warm up, then full sparring. Rules are simple. Beginners will spar with low kicks and boxing to the body only. There should always be mutual benefit when sparring, which means both sides get something out of the sparring. ie if your partner is not on your level, you can working on something specific that you are not good at, while you let your partner work on their techniques. Both sides should be enjoying themselves. If your partner is going too hard, you are encouraged to communicate that to them. Surviving students will be in the final picture after 3 hours of sparring.

We hope that you will come out, bring a friend. Lets start 2024 off right, with a BANG!