Sitan Gym is raising money through our Muaythai tees to pay for hotel and flight expenses for our coaches who take time away from their family and friends to support you, the athlete:

If you donate $30 you will get 1 tee shirt

If you donate $100 your logo on a small slot on the teeshirt + 1 tee shirt

If you donate $500 your logo will be on the large center slot+ 1 tee shirt

If you want multiple tees please comment on the donation your full name and the tee shirt sizes you want with the multiple of $30 in donation (ie: donate $90 Name: John Doe, I would like 1 youth sm and 2 adult large)

If you want to send a logo after your donation please contact me.

Pre-orders will be closed end-of-day on November 18th for teeshirts, but you still can donate up till November 30th

Email me directly for any questions. mailto: sitangymaz@gmail.com