Sitan Gym Booster Club

The Muaythai world is growing, so are the opportunities for Muaythai athletes. The community still remains very much underfunded, and being an American Muaythai athlete is very expensive. Most athletes and coaches have to pay their own way for travel and lodging, not to mention taking time off work to compete. So it’s time to find a solution from within so that our Sitan Gym team can take advantage of opportunities and not have to worry about breaking their bank.

The Sitan Gym Booster Club was founded by Thiago Azeredo to provide financial support to our athletes and coaches. The booster club will be organized by a committee of Sitan Gym members who will be hosting various events to raise funds for our athletes. Each fiscal quarter the committee will distribute funds to the coaches and athletes who have had expenses (travel and logging) the promoter was unable to cover.

How YOU can help out:

  • Donate directly to our fund:
    1. $1000+ donation:
      • 1 month free of unlimited training at Sitan Gym
      • Sponsorship on our website and apparel for 1 year
      • Sitan Gym T-shirt
    2. $500+ donation:
      • Sponsorship on our website and apparel for 1 year
      • Sitan Gym T-shirt
    3. $250+ donation:
      • Sitan Gym T-shirt
  • Take part with our Booster Club events by talking to Shawna at the office. Or email us with your ideas at sitangymaz@gmail.com
  • Bring your friends to our events and help us raise money for our athletes! Check our calendar by clicking here.