On December 1st 2nd and 3rd Sitan Gym Arizona had showed an AMAZING display as a team. We had a team of 11 athletes of which 7 took titles home. With that being said Sitan came in #1 for a 3rd championship in a row.

Keiland Corella: Loss (TKO)

Geneva Quam: Loss (UD)

Collin Nevins: Win (UD)

Tyrell Joshway Win (TKO) Win (UD)

Omar Mateen: Win (UD) Win (UD)

Sebastian Garcia: Loss (Split)

Amy Dang: Loss (UD)

Jessie Hice: Win (UD)

Louis Armstrong: Win (DQ)

Peter Darby: Loss (TKO Cut)

Zachary Cooper: Loss (TKO)(Threw up in Corner)

Arriana: Win (TKO)

Sitan Gym was able to succeed because of an amazing team effort. We were able to raise $2500 in teeshirt sales and donations to pay for coaches travel and stay at the hotel. Thank you to all our sponsors and Studio 1108 for the shirt donation.

Thank you to Joel Estevez for flying all the way out from NYC and helping us with the team. Thank you Frances for taking lead in team management and Travis, Arshiyam, Brad and Ruben for being the best coaches you can have in a corner.

The team performed beautifully and we have the #1 spot because of them. We are going to throw a USOMT Party on Friday, December 8th from 5-7pm. Bring your team uniform if you competed because we are doing a photoshoot and some sparring.