Sitan Gym had an amazing turn out at the Siam Season Debut this past Saturday.  We had five fighters compete and they all did an amazing job!  The first fight of the night was Celicia Tran, who won by unanimous decision.  Up next, the third fight of the night was Ruben Navarrette who also won by unanimous decision.  Arshiyam Kanwar was the fourth and first title fight of the night.  After five rounds of battle, Arshiyam won the title by unanimous decision.

Next up was Zeus Pindernation.  Zeus performed at a top level and gave it his all.  In the end, the judges gave the win to his opponent.  Carina Tran was up next for Sitan Gym, she went into that ring with determination and heart and it paid off.  In the end Carina won by split decision.  The last fight of the night was Gabriel Guerrero.  Gabe has been perfecting his skill for months, and it definitely showed in his performance.  Gabe didn’t get the win this time, but he is determined to sharpen his talent and come back even stronger in his next fight.

Thank you to Siam and all of Sitan Gym’s opponents.  This show was top notch and we can’t wait for the next one!

To watch the fights again, go to http://siamfights.tv/