Last Saturday Ruben Navarette and Shamik Hayes competed as the main event in Wild Horse Pass Casino. The show was stellar featuring Arizona’s local, up-and-coming talent . The show was well put together and the matches were very even.

Sitan Gym was the feature Co-main and Main event of that evening. Ruben Navarette fought up in weight to match with Penunuri for the Light weight title. The match was looking pretty even in the first round but was abruptly stopped due to accidental head butt that resulted in 6 stitches on the side of Ruben’s head. The official decision was a no-contest. Ruben, wanted to fight as he felt completely uninjured but the WBC stops any fight when there is a cut, big or small. We look forward to having a rematch with Penunuri, as the bout looked like it was going to be pure fireworks.

Shamik was up next as the main event. It was a fantastic bout against Conerly. Although Conerly was a skilled opponent, Shamik was able to wear him down to secure the WBC regional title in a unanimous decision win: putting him in the top 5 WBC national rankings and giving him a shot at the WBC national title.

Congrats to both athletes from Sitan Gym Arizona. Win or lose, these athletes proved once again that, we come to FIGHT!