On September 9th Tyrell Joshway fought Cody Quarles to defend his title. This is was a highly anticipated rematch where Tyrell had already won via KO. It was an amazing war. Cody caught Tyrell in the first round with a flash knockdown and took an 8-10 round to start. Tyrell went on to win a solid rounds 2,4,5, but the judges didn’t see it that way. They awarded Cody the title via Majority Decision. The fight was as clear as can be: At the very least that fight should have been deemed a draw and Tyrell should still be the Champion. We don’t know what will happen as we have contested the decision. Stay tuned for more results. For sure there will be a rubber match here in Arizona.

Although we don’t agree with the decision, we are very happy to have the opportunity to compete on Maximus Promotions and we hope that the judges review this fight more accurately. Richard treated us well and we won’t forget that.