Unfortunately, Anthony Birchak faced a brutal opponent in Thomas Almeida this past Saturday, and did not come home with the win.

The fight began fairly even, but Almeida knocked Birchak out before the end of the first round. Thiago had the following to say of the fight’s outcome:

“What can I say folks? We didn’t come back with the W but we did come back with the respect of the Brazilian people. Anthony Birchak earned my utmost respect with the way he accepted the loss with his head held up high, a true sportsman and fighter. I believe that this is still only the beginning for Anthony and I look forward to working with him more. I also have to thank Mercedes White, and Sean Huff for welcoming me into their fight family. They treated me like one of their own and I felt like I have known them for years. To the Sitan Gym International people, thank you for the support. It does not go unseen or forgotten. Every fighter who seek the hardest competition will inevitably taste defeat, and what they do after defeat is what defines them. Stay tuned for the Anthony 2.0.”

Thank you to all the Sitan Gym members who came out to watch the event. We look forward to seeing more from Anthony in the future!